About us

Laois Archery is one of the biggest archery clubs in Ireland. We practice field archery, and are affiliated with the Irish Field Archery Federation and the International Field Archery Federation. This gives us access to any number of national or international competitions, though we don’t require our members to attend them. It’s just a great way to meet new people, try new things, and of course, do some archery!

We run beginner’s courses designed to take you from a complete novice all the way up to your first competition. After the course, you are welcome to join the club as a full member, and can avail of all of our facilities.

Contact us either through this site or our Facebook page to register your interest in doing a beginner’s course.

James Delaney; Captain and Co-Founder
Tom MacDonald; Vice-Captain and Co-Founder

About Field Archery

Field archery is a style of competitive archery which involves shooting at targets on an outdoor course.

A field archery course is usually situated in woodland, and the targets are set at various distances, either marked or unmarked. There are many types of field round that can be shot, and at Laois Archery we try to give our members a chance to try as many as they’d like.

Targets vary in size and shape. They may have to be shot up or down gradients, at a difficult angle, or from an unusual position. This variety offers a challenge to new and experienced archers alike, and brings new elements to the sport that some archers may not have experienced before.