COVID-19 Information

With the easing of restrictions the woods will be open to archers every day

Please read the following carefully and adhere to these guidelines whilst training in the woods


  1. Only members of the same household should travel together to the woods
  2. Groups should be of no more than 4 unless from one household
  3. Make sure there is at least one free target lane between groups
  4. Archers should have disinfectant wipes or spray with them for wiping touch points (the gate, portaloo, container etc)
  5. Archers should bring a portable disinfectant hand wash with them in their quiver.
  6. Individuals in the group should maintain the 2m distance between them at all times.
  7. Only 1 archer shooting at the peg at a time.
  8. Archers should pull their own arrows and only handle their own equipment
  9. If an archer needs to brace a target to remove their arrows, they should avoid using their hands, place your knee/foot or elbow against the target.
  10. If searching for arrows, when an arrow is found call the owner over to pick it up.
  11. If for any reason it is necessary to touch another archers equipment it is important to wash your hands before and immediately after, and the equipment should be wiped down.
  12. The use of face masks is not mandatory as yet and archers should consider that as you cannot safely wear a mask whilst shooting the constant taking on and off adds to a lot of touching the mask and your face. Maintaining social distance and hand hygiene are most likely the best practice.
  13. Do not go to the woods if you have symptoms of covid-19 or if there is anyone in your household showing symptoms.
  14. If you start to feel unwell or symptomatic whilst on the course have another member of your group blow their whistle 3 times and exit the course in the usual manner, follow the course in the direction of shooting to the nearest exit point.
  15. If any archer has concerns that rules and protocols are not being adhered to please contact a coach or committee member.

Please maintain social distance and hand hygiene advice at all times

Be safe and enjoy the woods

Laois Archery