This is the story of a wooden spoon and it’s companion a drilled pound coin.

Follow their adventures as they travel around the trad archers of Laois.

The Spoon is for the lowest score at any given shoot and the Pound is for the highest.

Entrants must shoot wooden arrows from a wooden bow.

The hall of Fame/Shame so far (though it’s neither really, it’s just for fun)


Spoon                                                 Pound

  Brian Woods                                                   Joe Sheridan

 Emlyn Phipps                                                  Jason O’Neil

   Nick Anton                                                      Noel Bannon

    Joe Sheridan                                                   Emlyn Phipps

Joe Sheridan                                                   Nick Anton

   Nick Anton                                                      Joe Sheridan

   Brian Woods                                                   Joe Sheridan

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