World Indoor Archery Mail Match

It’s that time again folks! The World Indoor Archery Mail Match is about to start, so here’s all you need to know.

The WIAMM is a global IFAA competition that you can compete in without ever leaving the comfort of your own club. Archers all over the world will shoot 3 rounds, and compare their scores in the friendliest of competition once they’re posted on the IFAA website. This competition is particularly nice because it doesn’t feel like one at all – you might as well be practicing and just noting your scores!

Unlike the League, there is a registration fee for the Mail match, but it’s just €10 to be paid on the first night, which covers you for all 3 rounds.

As a club, we’ve set aside the following nights for each round. You only have to shoot one night per round, but if you’d like to enter in two different categories, you’ll need to do both. We also won’t be accepting scores any other night, with the exception that any result from the IFAF Indoor National Championships can be submitted as your Round 3 score.

  Round 1

16th of December
19th of December

  Round 2

27th of January
30th of January

  Round 3

17th of February
20th of February