Club League (Indoor)

It’s League time again everyone!

As you may already know, the Laois Archery Indoor League is made up of 3 different rounds, shot over 9 Saturday evenings in the hall. That’s 3 nights per round, if you’re not great at division. Archers shoot at least 2 of each round, and their highest 6 scores will be counted for your results!

As with all competitions, this is just for a bit of fun and to get people participating. Of course we all love practicing, but it’s never a bad thing to have a goal in mind, and the best thing about recording your scores like this is getting to see your improvement in real time! There’s no obligation to join in, but the option is there!

There’s no additional fee to register for or shoot in the league – your ordinary hall contribution fee of €5 is plenty! You can register for the league on the first night, the 16th of December, and the rest of the dates are outlined below.

  Round 1

Indoor – 16th of December
Flint – 6th of January
3D (Indoor) – 20th of January

  Round 2

Indoor – 27th of January
Flint – 3rd of February
3D (Indoor) – 10th of February

  Round 3

Indoor – 17th of February
Flint – 9th of March
3D (Indoor) – 16th of March